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Jersey Fresh Jam 2014: In Pictures

I have to say, this year's Jersey Fresh Jam (the ninth annual) was the best one I've attended. As I walked towards TerraCycle with my wife, the atmosphere just felt different. The layout's the best they've had, with the food trucks and stands in one spot near the vendors, which might've been to give more writers space within the TerraCycle backyard (at least, to me, it feels like there were more writers out there). Seeing guys like the legendary SKEME tagging alongside the Jersey writers was dope by itself. There were a number of seriously dope pieces, from a great Marilyn Monroe portrait to whatever that animal is from the Ice Age films. And the music!

The music! One of the true highlights was seeing Black Collar Biz and Old Sol live once again. They dropped that "Time's Up," which is so moody and brooding—hearing that at Art All Night 2014 was one of my favorite parts of that entire event. Hustle Emcee had a dope set, as did Mr. Fickle and Venomous 2000, who shared a set and really had the hip-hop heads vibing. Hell, Venomous' last track was for the b-boys, and one guy actually started breaking on the blacktop! CORFU (Skrewtape, Rich Quick, and Biz Mighty) merked the stage, as did a number of acts I wasn't too up on (liked seeing the young boys Namebrand out there as well). Overall, the music stage was on point.

The entire day was one for the record books. You can check out my collection of BlackBerry pictures HERE; my main question is "if the ninth year was this great, how will they top it for their tenth anniversary?!" You'll have to come out next year and see.

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