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Venomous2000 - "A Moment To Reflect Vol. 3"

The god Venomous2000 is back with a huge 26-track release featuring a number of my favorite NJ heads, including Rhymageddon, Mr. Fickle, and others. Some real hip-hop shit for the heads wondering where the sound went.

"A Moment to Reflect 3 is a walk through the world of Hip-Hop, where the elements have seemed to be forgotten. Riddled with loads of similes & metaphors, this compilation of international sounds and features provides listeners with a glimpse of the worldwide appeal that Hip Hop has established. The age of lyrics, beats, & cuts is still alive and well. This project was assembled with the intention of showcasing producers & emcees from Serbia, Germany, England, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Norway, Belgium, France, and the United States. "


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