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This Is What Hip-Hop Radio Used to Sound Like

When I started rockthedub nine years ago, one of constant images was the boombox. Yeah, those Radio Raheem ghetto blasters were my shit, but a lot of my teens was spent with a blank tape in my own stereo, waiting to record some heat from Power 99 or WPRB 101.3. I got so much education from what I was hearing as a freshman and sophomore in high school, and this 20-year-old radio recording that DJ Eclipse recently unearthed is right up my alley.

We're talking Method Man over Mobb Deep instrumentals, remixes of "Mad Izm" by Channel Live, Redman's "Can't Wait," and a ton of that hip-hop from that era. This is my youth being brought to me as a grown-ass man. Wish I still had some of those tapes. I can relive that time with shit like this, though.

Here's Eclipse on the recording: "DJ L.E.S. joins Marley on this episode of Pirate Radio. After LL's "No Airplay", L.E.S. jumps right into a blend mix of instrumentals and acapellas along with the latest music. Guests in the place are Queens' own Kamakaze (KL & Kyron) (16:49) and The Grand P.O. aka Blaq Poet (18:13). After their freestyles L.E.S. goes back into the mix with more blends and new music."


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