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EQ Why - "Trash Man"

While I spent a few years trying to make people see how close the worlds of footwork and jungle were (aka, they literally share the same BPM), it's only in 2016, after DAD's been dead for almost two years, that the conversations about how close these two worlds are. I won't go into the weird convos that have popped up on Facebook and forums about this, but it's dope interesting to see that guys like EQ Why taking the extra step and infusing his love for both genres into one release.

I won't front; I wasn't the biggest fan of Whytoven Vol. 1: Away From Death. Aside from the lead track—the "People Make The World Go Round"-sampling "Trash Man"—it felt like something was missing, to me. With cuts like "Extacy," EQ wore his dnb love on his sleeve, but it felt like a number of tracks I've heard over the last two decades from producers: they can work within the BPM or genre, but they are just missing that added spice or flavor that makes the track something more intriguing. The acid flavor on "Ida B Wells" was lit, but that's more footwork; "Perfect Day" has all of the ingredients, but they don't really connect in a way that makes me excited for more dnb/footwork bits from EQ Why.

If you want some more hypnotic footwork from EQ Why, I'd recommend the Whytoven Vol. 2: Nine Sixteen Eighty-Eight EP that he dropped a few weeks ago. The wicked Kanye sample work on "Sky Is The Limit" is insane, and the lead cut "So Help Me God" is the perfect serene footwork dream. Coast into an enchanced land to that, then grab "Trash Man" for the $free.99.


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