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DJ Earl Drops a Ton of Exclusive TEKLIFE Material In New FADER Mix

With October officially underway, I always feel some type of way. If you're a fan of TEKLIFE, you know why. Anyways, DJ Earl, who recently released his excellent Open Your Eyes LP, dropped a new mix over at The FADER, and as it puts it, it's full of "straight up all exclusive Teklife material and a few guests as well. All mostly new unreleased material." Sure, you get Open Your Eyes cuts and tracks like "Acid Life" from DJ Rashad, but there's a ton of stuff you might not have heard yet. Enjoy.


DJ Earl, DJ Manny, DJ Taye, Lupe - We in The Land
DJ Earl, DJ Manny, DJ Taye - Where Yo Workz @
DJ Manny, DJ Taye - Life In This
DJ Earl, DJ Manny, DJ Taye - 144
DJ Earl - Tru Colors
DJ Earl, DJ Manny, DJ Taye - Get Down
Sirr Tmo, Hank - Don't Just Stand There
DJ Earl, DJ Manny, DJ Taye - Lotta A$$
DJ Earl, OON, MoonDoctor - Smoking Reggie
DJ Manny - Right Na
DJ Manny - Party Pack
DJ Earl, MoonDoctor - Too Throwed
DJ Earl, Mel G - Tell Me
DJ Earl - Summer Jazz NYC
DJ Earl - Sleep
DJ Earl, J Mundaca - On The Run
DJ Earl, DJ Chap - Hii Boa
DJ Manny, Boylan - 1 Dance
DJ Taye - She Thirsty
DJ Earl, DJ Taye - Lucky Bastard
DJ Earl - Future Kush Riddims
DJ Rashad - Took It Doggystyle
DJ Rashad - Acid Life
DJ Taye - Punjabi
DJ Earl - My Life
DJ Spinn - Off That Loud
DJ Earl - The Chase
DJ Earl, DJ Taye - Im Gonna Get You v2
DJ Earl, Sonic D - Face
Suzi Analogue - Girl Sweatshirt v1
DJ Earl, Mel G - Burnin Hott
DJ Earl, DJ Taye - JazzMan
DJ Manny - You N Me
DJ Earl - T UP
DJ Earl - Block Bass
DJ Earl, Kash The Kushman - Batman Teklife VIP
Suzi Analogue - DontClockInn
Suzi Analogue - Girl Sweatshirt v2
DJ Spinn - H8terz
DJ Rashad - IDGAF
DJ Paypal, DJ Earl - We Finally Made It
Mel G - Low Key Anthem
DJ Earl - Nightlife
DJ Taye, Taso - Thinkin Bout You
DJ Manny, Gant-Man - Snap Chat
Addison Groove - Smoke Wit Me
Mel G, Durban - The Plug
DJ Earl - Lock Your Door VIP
DJ Earl, Frost - Smoke It UP
Taso - LaBeezy
DJ Manny, Taso - We Getting It Bussin
DJ Earl - In The Jungle
DJ Spinn, DJ Manny - At All VIP
DJ Earl - Radio S Vip

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