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MeccaGodZilla Has a New Name, New Albums

While MeccaGodZilla is a name we first started seeing about nine years ago, I hadn't realized the Brooklyn-born, Long Island-raised producer/MC was on a two-year hiatus. Today, I got word that not only is he back, but he's got a totally new name: ADUM⁷ (which stands for A Dream Universally Manifested⁷). With that new identity, he's also released a pair of new albums, ERROARS 3.3: 起死回生 and 光: Let There Be.... Don't let the Japanese characters confuse you; ADUM⁷ has been living in Tokyo, Japan since 2010; he even founded his Manafest Vision Media imprint out there.

While these projects are rooted in hip-hop, the push to explore and experiment in sound and genre is evident. These projects feel more like future music for curious thinkers; loads of delicate melodies atop chilled soundscapes. Some shit to really throw on and explore.

You can stream both projects down below. Open your third eye and take it all in.


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