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Damien The Architect and Hadj Release Their 'HEY!' EP


One of the main reasons I kept rockthedub going was for situations like this. While you can load 5011 hip-hop/music blogs into your Feedly and see the same 20 songs fly by every day, or click on the radio to consume a very small number of records, there's nothing like having your own outlet and being able to get sent material like Damien The Architect and Hadj put out in their HEY! EP. No, it isn't groundbreaking, but the internet + the power of email = me being able to put my ears on a project I'd probably hear nothing about through my regular channels.

I was super open to the first HEY! track, "How You Do That," and was amazed that something like "R A I N" was on it as well. It's refreshing to know that their sound on the full release, which features beats from 404 Loudpack, Drunken Killah, Teller Bank$, and others touches on a number of different styles. They go uplifting, more sensual, more older school while also keeping feet planted firmly in the new mentality. HEY! is the sound of an alarm, letting the world know that they are flexible when it comes to styles, and that they are HERE, right now.

Damien The Architect and Hadj's HEY! EP is available for streaming down below; I'm hearing that it'll be available to own "soon," so keep it locked.


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