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Drake and Meek Mill Celebrated the End of Their Beef With a Game of Ping Pong

For the last three years, Drake and Meek Mill haven't fucked with each other. I want to say it started when Drake didn't tweet something about a song he did with Meek, but I don't know. I just remember Meek calling Drake out for not writing his verses (which, who was actually surprised, then or now?), and then Drake overcoming the odds by handing Meek his own ass. Twice. Meek took forever to respond, and when he did, the shit was trash, and he got turned into all of the memes.

While the beef peaked during that OVO Powerpoint Fest of Meek memes, there have been stray shots and trolls since, but it felt like their situation was a) dead and b) a warning for anyone trying to beef with somebody in the Internet Age. For example, the clock is on Eminem to respond to MGK during whatever this thing is they are engaging in currently.

While no one was thinking of whatever this Meek/Drake beef has turned into (especially since Pusha T made Drake a fool in their situation), Drake decided to bring Meek out during his Boston show last night, effectively deading their beef. Drake had Meek perform, but also spoke on the situation: “This right here is a long time coming. This right here is important. This one of my favorite rappers, for real for real."

So, their beef is over. If you don't believe that show of solidarity, don't worry: someone had their phone ready to record this epic $20,000 ping pong game between Meek and Drake. "This is how we will teach kids to settle their differences" one caption read.

Hey, if you like it, I love it, but wasn't ping pong called "honkey ball" in South Central? Do kids in the hood play ping pong like that? And what if they get into a heated $20 ping pong battle and the beef isn't squashed? Do they go to the basketball court NBA 2K19? When are jokers allowed to take it to the streets ala Rocky and Tommy Gunn? That's how Philly bols do it, right Meek?

Fair play either way; just don't throw up no brick when the inevitable collab drops.

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