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Jett I. Masstyr Returns With 'The Upside Sessions'

The homie Jett I. Masstyr is no stranger to this URL. We've seen him grow and evolve for a while now, and each new project feels like the next chapter in his sound. The Upside Sessions, which dropped roughly a week ago, is no exception.

"The Upside Sessions," Jett shared, "is a collection of tracks made mostly in 2017. They remained unused until now. I always use where I am at in life to guide my inspiration behind projects."

"Once you reach certain levels in life," the Houston-representing producer continued, "you can find yourself at a new bottom, and another level in front of you to achieve. There's a level of optimism needed to be successful. Even when things aren't the most positive around you...you can control that. I'm definitely searching and looking forward to the upside."

Deep, motivational words for a truly intriguing project. Stream it in full below, and download it from one of these digital retailers today.


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