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outa 2020, inta 2021 (1/01/2021)

i haven't forgotten about you, true believer...i just haven't had the time. from the quiet death of a podcast that i spent most of 2020 cultivating to the quiet rebirth of another podcast i spent 2020 nurturing, to all of the insanity of what 2020 was, sometimes it was hard to find the time to really WRITE about stuff that doesn't keep the lights on. hell, i even started and stopped a whole different site that i'm itching to carve out more time for. this post isn't about any of that, though.

normal end-of-year traditions usually incorporate two things: DJ Cable's best-of hip-hop megamixes and Cousin Cole's New Year's Day mix. Cable's 2020 AD is actually going to be his final year-end hip-hop mix, which is sad but understandable; dropping 124-track mixes is fucking time consuming! You can download this mix and show him mad love for keeping it going.

Cousin Cole always comes correct with the New Year's Day selections. They are more chill, much more spiritual, and should help you enter the year on a cooler vibe than you went out. And with word of DOOM passing away hitting on Dec. 31, 2020, maybe this is the energy we need to keep going.

stay safe, true believers.

Bonus Beats DJ Earl - Sounds 2 Lab 2


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