Saturday, December 16, 2006

the shuffle. [12/16/06]

Yes, yes. Another week, and I'm still going strong. Getting odd news all around, but you know how it goes. Drop some pieces, pick them up, put some Red Stripe in my cup. Ay, today is the first time I've had some Red Stripe in 6 years, no bologna. I drank Red Stripe the same night I saw the remake of Psycho, like the night before we moved out of our dorm in May of 2000. I'm not the biggest lager drinker, but I dig Jamaica's finest for it's smoother taste. It's not as rough on my throat as Guinness, which is a blessing.

Anyways, I'm trying to get my hustle on, an aside from my growing Associated Content, um, content, I found this other site that says, essentially, if I garner enough votes, I can get paid for a full year, either $80K or half of whatever is donated by July 1st, 2008, whichever comes first. So, take a few moments out of your life and vote for your boy khal. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Wow, this nigga Willie Gibbs is wearing a MF Doom-esque mask to this fight on HBO BAD - looks like I should get to my news for the week...

01/In the story that got all of the gossip sites and teenage horndogs salivating, Nicole Richie was arrested for DUI. Everyone tripped initially over her booking pic, as well as the fact that she was something like 5'1" and 80 some pounds at the time of arrest, but didn't really get into the facts. Young Nic was reported to have been driving the wrong way down the freeway in Burbank when two motorists called 5-0. When the cops showed up, Nicalicious was on her jack, alone. She straight up told the fuzz that she not only was on Vicodin, but she was puffing that chron. I mean, that's gangsta. Most of the tricks on COPS will deny and deny with a loaded crack pipe sticking out of their coochie. Nic let the world know, yo, I had a lil bit of reefer to chief, and I'm on these Vicodins for my cramps (if she takes V's for her menstrual pain, I wonder what the cheeba is for -- and if she IS smoking mary jane, wtf is she listed at 85lbs for!?!?). Now, why she was going the wrong way down that freeway has not been expressed, but I guess those pills and that ganja got good to her, and she felt she was Wonder Woman or some shit. In any case, I really do hope she gets her shit on straight and gets back into her old, Simple Life Season 2 figure.

02/This week in music has been a weird one, with news on a few long awaited albums finally getting some shine. Axl Rose let it be known that Chinese Democracy, the album that fans have been waiting for since like 1991, is set to come out in March of 2007. He even went on to explain that it was delayed because of some bullshit with one of his managers, as if he hasn't lost every fucking member of Guns'N'Roses since 1991, leaving himself and Buckethead to wallow on some tour bus, laughing at early 90's metalheads who are still stuck in the cold November Rain. On the flipside of things, it appears as though the family that the Ol' Dirty Bastard left behind and Damon Dash are beefing over Dirt's last album, A Son Unique, which Dame was supposed to put out. There's a bunch of drama over money that is supposed to be owed to Dirty's estate. Dame is pretty much on some "fuck you and the money you think you're gonna get" shit, which I can't blame him: Dirty's family must be niggerish - look at how he lived, and died. I just wish a final copy of the LP would get leaked so we could enjoy what ODB was going through during his last days. Speaking of Dame, he went on the record this week and said he is not sure why Jay-Z is dissing him on "Lost One", if that is him being dissed at all. He says that they "did too much together" to have beef, but come on Dame, weren't you the one speaking on Jim Jones' "Kingdom Done" dis track aimed directly at Jay? You might not have talked shit about Jay, but isn't there a thing called guilty by association?

03/Speaking of Roc-A-Fella, it looked like all the Roc is getting for Christmas this year were lawsuits. In the funniest and most poignant lawsuit of the year, daredevil Evel Knievel is suing Kanye West over the "Touch The Sky" video, which is ironically the same video Kanye was sore over when he didn't win at the MTV Europe awards earlier this year. Evel was pissed at Kanye's usage of "vulgar, sexual and racially questionable content", which was apparently not Evel's bag. Evel is seeking royalties as well, which I doubt he will win. I think that, even though the video might demoralize Evel, I don't see him being due any loot in terms of whatever sales it might have generated for Kanye. Think of how many people would be due money for a situation like that. In the end, though, anytime I can laugh at Kanye, I take it from jump. Now, former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page is continuing his suit against Jay-Z and now Roc-A-Wear over the "diamond cutter" hand sign. DDP is stating that he has that thing trademarked, and Jigga is biting his sign. He definitely has a case, but I am just surprised that Page was smart enough to trademark it on his own, without WCW or WWE biting into it. I mean, niggas can't even leave WWE these days without giving up their name. And to think, he went from being a manager of Badd Company to the 3-time WCW champ. God, I fucking miss those old wrestling days. When I do the knowledge on those fueds and such, I get so weepy. I was such a WWF/NWA nerd.

04/Hip-Hop news, aside from the above stuff, was kind of tame and disappointing this week, but you know, we have to cover it so the public knows what's really ha-ni-nin'. On some Pac & BIG shit, the movie that Sylvester Stallone was working on is not going to happen anytime soon. Stallone was supposed to portray Russell Poole, the LAPD cat who tried to expose the departments handling of the facts on the BIG case. For a plethora of reasons, this movie will not see the light - I guess Rocky Balboa and the new Rambo movie are taking their toll on old-ass Stallone... My least favorite artist of 2006, Lupe Fiasco, is set to work on his sophmore album, tentatively titled The Cool, and he wants to work with Pink Floyd. I shit you not... Eminem's new Shady disc, The Re-Up, debuted at #2, even though this very website told you the disc is no good... Speaking of Eminem, his boy Proof (RIP) has an album coming out. This set was supposedly completed over the span of 24 hours, based on a bet. Last time I heard an album done in the same time period, MF Grimm was my idol... In an effort to try and clean up his comments to Monie Love last week, Young Jeezy reached out to Nas to organize a tour between the two of them. Gotta love when beefing niggas is under the same umbrella... Keith Murray spoke in an interview on Redman's forum about his new album. Sounds like a weed-soaked Def Squad orgy, which I do not mind at all, as long as they aren't too burned out... finally, the good guys over at Oh Word posted up some images to go along with the Clipse's rhymes for "Mr. Me Too". Pure comedy.

05/How about Halle Berry has an album coming out? I shit you not, that is the rumor going around quietly... it's set to drop Feb. 2007, and there is even a tentative tracklisting, with a who's who of collaborators on it. I mean, OK, you are a star... who the hell knows if this broad can sing?

06/Due to video game nerds being dumbasses, Nintendo has had to recall about 3 million+ of those Wii remote straps. They are working on the diameter of the straps, but the thing is all of the reports I've read detailed Wii-users NOT USING THE STRAPS. Why recall some shit no one uses?

07/The folks over at ABC are not only cleaning house, but they are getting ready for some new members and some old but steady money. Taye Diggs and William Shatner's new shows struck out and got cancelled. No real surprise on either front. I know not one person who watched Day Break, and Shat's show got too much bad press. Now, with Day Break gone, the whole "watch Taye do a dumb action show so you can peep new bits of LOST" ploy is gone, but TheTailSection has posted up the latest commercial/sneak peek of the 2nd half of this season. Jack's in the jungle cage? Who tf is Cindy? Where's Kate and/or Sawyer? Spooky... ABC also has plans to give Oprah two reality TV shows, as if she needs more loot. The themes on both shows circulate around change, pushing oneself to the limit to see if they will sink or swim, which hopefully deters wanna be actors and fake singers.

08/After all of the fuss - after Marc Cuban proved them wrong, and damn near halfway into the season, the higher ups at the NBA want to use the old ball. I still don't get why they figured a change of the ball was needed, but so be it.

09/On some random Pop news, it looks like in an effort to combat the over-sexy image the Super Bowl halftime show has received over the years, Prince is the most obvious choice. The same man who wrote such touching family ballads as "Head" and "Erotic City". Score one for morals and dignity. K-Fed is rumored to be writing a book based on the untold scandal surrounding Britney Spears. It should be hitting the crayon racks in the next couple of years... Mariah Carey is suing porno star Mary Carey so that Mary does not use her porno-name for her forthcoming CD. I think a) Mariah needs to stop watching porno so much that she remembers the fucking dude's name, and b) she needs to set straight.

10/And now, here's some sleepy random news: this boy in PA shot himself with an AK over his report card. Fucked up that your parent's pressure would lead to such tragedy. We reach out to that community during these ridiculous times. Totally unscientific data would lead you to believe that this "trend" called blogging will die down in 2007 - stop crying, no need to worry.

11/The finals of the Survivor Race War are on tomorrow. I have money on Yul, the Asian mastermind. He's been the smartest player throughout, and has what it takes. I like Ozzy, too, and I think those 2 will be in the final 2. I apologize to my race, but there is no way in HELL that chick Sundra will make it past the final 4. Nor Becky, the conniving Asian chick. They buddied up with the Godfather Yul and rode his coattails the entire game... who woulda thought that I would get sucked into reality TV shows like that!? By the way: American Idol, Jan. 16th!

I'll always be around.

I am going to leabe it at that...just want to let you guys be aware of the newness coming soon to rock the dub. There will be 2 mixes dropping in the next 2 weeks: one is a 2006 DNB Retrospective mix done by DJ Nappy, with tunes selected by yours truly, as well as an all-Dub Xmas mixtape done by myself. Review of the new Nas album is coming by Tuesday as well.

As for right now, it's time for bed.


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Help out ya boy. I thank you in advance.

Disclosure, minus Demi Moore...

I was just over on the PayPerPost opportunities website, trying to see what I can post about to earn some loot, when I checked out the latest piece of information: TechCrunch has reported that PPP is making it mandatory that its bloggers (this one included) let people know that, yes, we are getting paid to blog about a certain topic. Essentially, if I do a post about something that PPP is giving me loot for, I have to let you know. I mean, blog advertising is blog advertising, and I'd never deny that I was getting money for something, but it takes the element of shadiness out of the whole ordeal. I do agree with the post over at TC, that it is a step in the right direction, and it's not like each post has to say "paid for by the good folks over at PayPerPost", but it's nice to let the public know when there's an ad about. It's not like everything has to be Lonelygirl15, hidden behind folds and folds of wit and such. On my site, you'll know if it's a PayPerPost thing, because the tag says PayPerPost on it (like this one does... click that tag and you'll see my disclosure). If they need more, let ya boy know. I told you guys from jump, I'm trying to get paid to blog, so be prepared.

And if you have any other jobs, just get at me.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday, December 15th 2006 playlist

This post has nothing to do with the woes of the world. Life's rough, and it will get rougher, but if we just get hit by music, shit will be OK. So, here are some bombs to drop on your speakerboxes.
PS: I hope you guys didn't sleep on those FREE Tanya Morgan LP downloads...


01/Lil' Wayne "Go DJ (Nappy Dubstep Mix)" [my boy DJ Nappy doing it each and every. He has a host of Dubstep mashups out there, check THIS POST for more info and direct links.]
02/Loefah "Voodoo" ["fuckin voodoo... fuckin voodoo MAGIC..." gotta love the dubstep.]
03/Young Joc "Going Down (Nappy Dubstep Mix)" [Nappy taking the new one from JuJu and rocking some Joc vocals over it. Direct dload, peep it and lean/rock accordingly.]
04/Deadly Hunta & Catch 22 "Mama Mia (Photek Remix )" [forthcoming TEKDBZ pressure. orchestrated Dance Hall DnB styles. Big tings from R and crew in 2007, best believe.]
05/Perpetuum "The Plasmatics" [some ruffneck shit from VA's finest, forthcoming on ARX if I'm not mistaken. Dude has the Midas touch.]
06/DJ Clue ft. Beanie Sigel & Cassidy "Liberty Bell" [taken from Clue's forthcoming The Professional, Part 3 mixtape. Good to see 2 of Philly's finest getting their massacre on. oh and Freeway is on this too.]
07/Limewax "Fuck The Labels" [promos for his long awaited TechFreaks LP hit stores this week. It sounds just like you think it will, only doper.]
08/Nocturnal "Cross The Line" [new one out on Freak. Been waiting for this terror for half the year now! Grab on sight.]
09/Break "Yes" [new heat on Commercial Suicide. Break getting his amen nastiness on. Rough rough tune.]
10/MIST:I:Cal "Amen Electric" [this one is from MIST & Calibre's forthcoming opus, Eleventh Hour, and it's a solid LP. full release Feb. 07.]

Final Thought:

To celebrate the spoke-upon reunion of the legendary DITC crew, here is some classic Diamond D:

Until next time...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Weird phone call...

How about this bill collector just hung up on me?

I mean, granted, it's a measly $50, and I have not seen any mail come inreference to this money I supposedly owe.

Now, he called here a few weeks back, and I told him the same thing I told him today: I need for him to send a bill. I don't get money until tomorrow, so I cannot make any payments over the phone. Thing is, he comes at me on some "we've sent 4 letters and you got an EOB on this back a few months ago" and "I am trying to expedite this debt". Cool, I respect your G, bill collector-san, but I need a bill. I have negative scraps in my account to pay you right now, so send me a bill, shit will be bong bong like you ain't even know me.

Thing is, he flips, seriously tells me "I am reluctant to send a bill, we've sent 4 letters"... I said, what? You want me to pay you but you won't send me a bill? I didn't get those letters. "Well, who opens your mail?" Dog, if you are implying that my wife is hiding something from me, fuck you very much. Still in all, letters ain't bills, get me a bill and it will be over, bong bong. "I am not sending a bill", in some nasty tone. Dog, why are you getting hostile, I'm trying to get this taken care of?

At this point, he says a bunch of shit while I'm trying to talk to him, and he ends up hanging up on ME! What kind of insanity is that? Does this mean he is just going to forget this money that he says I owe, or should I be worried? I mean honestly, I did the right thing, right? I need a bill letting me know if I owe, whether it's for some earrings or a fucking hospital visit copay. Don't be stupid, boss. I told you -- I CANNOT PAY RIGHT NOW. Accomodate me or fuck off.

I guess he chose the latter...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tanya Morgan's giving it all away.

TM has rar'd up 2 of their albums for download via yousendit, so get them while they are hot and fresh.

Moonlighting (more info about it HERE): DIRECT LINK

Welcome to Loud Minority: DIRECT LINK

Grab a beer and rejoice: TM is here to fuck your brains out. Or just give you good quality Hip-Hop, whichever comes first.

Get it? Come? I'm fucking Dave Champipple over here!


Do I listen to bad music, or does the majority of the music-loving world just have bad taste?

This is not a post in reference to the troubling state of American Pop music. This actually has a bit to do about UK Drum & Bass mentality. We have message boards and such that scream for singular sounds, digging the likes of Current Value, Limewax, Noisia, Pendulum, and other artists who sound great but really ain't saying much. They want progression, but with no soul. Yet, when guys like Verse and SP:MC come correct with some vintage sounding, deep neurostyle funk, like in their track "Border Patrol", they really get no love. Forget what the sheet says for a second: listen to the beats. How can you deny that bass? The eerie old school ethos? Why is it that people want soulless music, as long as it sounds good in the club?

Don't even get me started on the fact that guys like Fanu and Seba hardly get burn. Or the fact that when crews like the TEKDBZ Army try to really take DnB to the next level, it gets shrugged off as being "thug". Thugs rob niggas and bust you in the face, only to stab your brain with your nosebone. What in the hell does that have to do with lyric-based DnB tracks? Why is it that progression gets confused with noodling, and no one can understand that Soul is what this scene was built on, not how well you knew your equipment.

Maybe Rap mentality needs to be fused into DnB make-up more often. I mean, Rap niggas will cook up some fresh lyrics over a dirty beat, but as long as the feeling and vibe of the track is cohesive, they burn it and you love it. DnB heads value education and the ability to EQ a bassline just right, and leave the actual building of timeless music to the side, for God knows what reason. Maybe that is why guys are more concerned with download 12"s than buying good tunes.

Think on that one. And wake up.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Wire, Season 4: Thoughts

This season of The Wire was the best out of the 4, for many obvious reasons, but there is one that I particularly like: it was a big payoff for those of us who have been fans for the last 4 years. It's no secret to those who dissected this show that, this season showed not only a mirror of the politricks that go on in major cities, but it also showed the Education of a Hood. We've seen niggas like Wallace get popped because they weren't hard, but we never truly got a glimpse of the inner workings of their life. This season, not only did we get to see how cats like Namond might be pressured into The Life, but we also got to see the final, sad chapter on Bodie's life play out. He had been in the street, grown up and hardened on those corners. He knew his loyalty to the Barksdale crew, and knew that he wasn't a snitch. Ruthless niggas like Marlo, though, they had his number from day dot when they punked him into giving up that corner. No way Poot would have shown as much strength as Bodie, but Poot is still here... for now. And don't get me started on the brutal realities shown in Sherrod's life. He was brought up to fail, and soon acted on his destiny, tragically.

My thing is, with this being the 2nd to last season of The Wire, I'm growing nostalgic. I pulled out Season 1 on DVD and watched it whilst painting. Seeing those guys coming up, the Barksdales... the original Major Crimes Unit... it's just insane to think about the arcs and leaps and bounds, highs and lows. And the situation is still the same, if not worse: 13 year olds are out there runnin' corners, school system is still fucked up, and Chain Of Command is fucking up the Police. True Police are putting in work, but have to work around the system to get their shit poppin' off.

Do I really care? I mean, day to day, real life mirrors the situations in The Wire, and vice versa. It's just funny though: a nigga like Omar, in the hood, wouldn't be looked at with compassion. Dealers are faceless in the real world, while on The Wire, they have names, families, and real-life situations that they are trying to come up out of. Maybe we should look at the real-life gangstas like this, which might aid in rehab, instead of locking them up like animals in steel cages, hoping they kill themselves or someone else.

Can't wait for Season 5, the final season.

PS: There's one thing I just realized: both Randy and Cheese share the same last name... could they be kin, and therefore Prop Joe be related to Randy? Could this play out in Season 5, making the ties that bind even more complex? So many questions...

Santa Gets DOWN!

I'm in my Holiday Cheer mode, finding everything Christmas, and this grab is a gem. Did you ever wonder what Santa would look like getting his dance on? No need to wonder: check out North pole dancing and see for yourself! There's a variety of different dances moves that Santa can perform. I guess he gets hot doing all of this dancing, for his traditional suit is gone, and he is rockin' the suspenders-and-boxers sheek. Make up a routine, find the hidden moves in each scene, and just enjoy yourself! And once you've had your fill, there are 19 other games and fun things to do by clicking on the "OfficeMax" yellow tab. Gotta love that!

This brought to you on behalf of OfficeMax.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

INRE: review of Nas' "Hip Hop Is Dead"

Just letting you guys know that I do plan on reviewing this CD... once I get the retail version. Every tracklisting I have seen rivals the copy I have, so until I see a finalized thing, I will hold off. Just being respectful to the God.

Nappy & Pandemonium Jones invade Trenton!

For any of you East Coast US heads who are in the tristate area come Dec. 12th, you should come down to my hometown Trenton and check out two of the finest DJs I personally know: DJ Nappy and Pandemonium Jones, 1/2 of the infamous Caps & Jones DJ outfit. They have dope taste, and promise to be spinning all types of funky shit for the masses. I have known both of these guys since about '98, and we've been good friends ever since. From Hip-Hop to Funk to Rock to Pop to Reggae to Whatever Hot Shit They own, the sounds will be both different and fun, so definitely go down to the 449 Room and peep their game. It looks like there are also Poker Tourneys going on, which should be a nice treat, given the drink specials they will be runnin'. I wish I could make it, but a nigga got kids and shit. I'll be there in spirit!

PayPerPost: Bloggystyle

Remember when I hipped you guys to the wonderful world of PayPerPost, the spot where you can get money to post about various things? Well, they have pretty dope blogs, full of all kinds of PPP news, crazy videos, and other genereal points of interest in their offices. Hell, they even feature bloggers who use the service - talk about exposure! Going through the blog, you realize how down to earth and just zany their employees are, which is refreshing: some of these services make it seem like they are cold and faceless. PPP is putting a face on their product, and putting cash in pockets. Can't hate on that!