Brittany Bosco "Glitch"

Brittany Bosco "Glitch": Talk about being blown away. Every morning I go to work, I catch up on the inbox and either dump or pump the new music I have been sent. This morning a sequence of words stuck out of this blast: "the future of electro experimental soul music". These were Karen Knox's words, describing Brittany Bosco, a new artist (and one of URB's Next 1000) who has completed a serious body of work, Spectrum EP. I've included one of the tracks that I think embodies "electro experimental soul music". It's as if Janelle Monae, Chrisette Michele, Etta James and Santogold were blended into one down ass chick. Homegirl has a great voice, and really knows how to use her voice - she goes from those calmer, seductive tones to hitting some really far-out notes, seemingly at will. Again, talk about being blown away.

Word is homegirl is going to be at SOB's soon?

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