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Can't Noc The Hustle V.2: KnowxOne's Business

Dropping soon. Keep it locked to KNOWxONE's spot for more details.

EDIT And here it is (and here's a mirror).

It's finally here! After many months of preparation and collecting various tracks, tweaking the mix, switching up the tracklist and getting drops - it's all finally come together. The first ever, official KNOWxONE mixtape. I got together with my boys from Nocturnal Sound Krew whom have 2 back to back ITF World Championships under their belt because we did not want to put out a half-assed product. With all the mixtapes that are coming out everyday which are more or less on the mediocre side of things, we wanted to bring you back to the essence of the DJ - keeping it 100% Hip-Hop. We didn't go too overboard with the cuts & scratches, but it's subtly there. It's the little, smaller details that we hope you will notice & appreciate. Clocking in at just under 50 minutes, this mix takes you on a journey through some of the dopest songs that got it's swag on a 100,000 trillion, which have been gaining notoriety in the blogging community, as well as a few rarer tracks & exclusives. This is a first in a monthly series we will be pushing, so this is just the beginning. I hope you all enjoy this mix for what it's worth. If you need a re-up on any of the links, please email me and I will get another one up ASAP. This mixtape will also be available at in4mation, Fitted Hawaii, Kicks Hawaii and Dig Lifestyles - all streetwear stores in Hawaii. Please let me know if you'd like a hardcopy and I'll get one out to you. Thanks for peeping this and we appreciate any and all support we can get from you guys.


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