See ya later, HBO

I've had a TV in my bedroom since '86, '87. Yeah, I was kind of young, but my mom wanted to make sure I had NES to my self (thanks, mom). Anyways, ever since I was a lil' yout, I watched a shitload of TV, and saw many a movie on Home Box Office (a station that originated out of NJ). This weekend, due in part to this lovely recession that's going on, I ended up deciding to get rid of the "Silver Package" that Cablevision offers, which included losing all of my HBO (and HBO-affiliated) channels. No more HBO On Demand, either.

I'm not terribly upset, for I really only watched shit like The Sopranos, OZ and Curb Your Enthusiasm On Demand, anyways. It's a big chunk of my life, though - I swore by HBO, back when Prism and Showtime still had good programming, I stayed true to HBO. From the hilarious comedy specials to groundbreaking documentaries, and the emergence of the Cable TV Drama, I road until the wheels fell off.

I won't miss HBO, unless a new program starts up. But it feels weird as fuck.

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