The Backwards B

This lady is saying that she got robbed and beaten because she had a McCain sticker on her whip. The attacker even carved a B (backwards) into her cheek.

What? Why would someone carve a BACKWARDS B? What would that even symbolize? Why was this Texan in Pennsylvania this week, and got attacked, the same time McCain and his cronies were in PA campaigning?

I love how McCain and Palin have already spoke to her, like that was necessary...

Why does this reek of bullshit? EDIT Because it was. About 40 minutes ago, WTAE posted this story, where this woman admitted to faking her claims of being attacked by a pro-Obama attacker. The depths some individuals will go. Fuck you, Ashley Todd. Fuck you very much for trying to make Black people and the Obama movement look like some ridiculous coonery. And ROFL @ McCain and Palin going to this chick's aid. Wipe that shit off your cheeks.


VirginiaEddie said...

Is it ironic how radical the right wingers have become? I mean, if self-mutilation isn't radical, then I'm a republican. And I am so not a republican.

bobojojo said...

the backwards B is because she was using a mirror. Another fact that she did it herself

Watching Law and Order pays off

jon jon said...

lol, thus bitch could've started a fuckin race riot with dat bullshit!