Freeway "When They Remember"

Freeway "When They Remember": No, this is not new. This is off of Freeway's Free At Last LP. I'm just in a funky ass mood, and thinking about my homey locked down. He's been away for about a year and a half, and isn't due back for at least another year and a half. If not a lil' longer. I forget. I gotta send him a kite, post haste.

Anyways, when he touches down, I dream of DJing his welcome home party. I drop this as everyone raises their glasses up, and then pull that shit back mid-verse. He'll smile, then I'll re-drop it.

If that really happens, don't say khal told you so. Just be like "that nigga seen the future".

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One Response to “Freeway "When They Remember"”

J~Dub said...

yea son....this is my shit....freeway gets laced with some truly dope ass soulful tracks...