50 Cent "Death To My Enemies"

50 Cent "Death To My Enemies": So, a P2P rip of the "international version" of Before I Self Destruct leaked sometime today. I haven't peeped the whole jawn, but this one is the first that really caught my attention. That harpsichord-lead beat caught me off-guard - definitely what I'm trying to hear right now. He speaks to Dre in the beginning - did he produce this?

It sounds official to me - the site I saw this one mentioned this as being a "nice P2P rip before the main scene rip", but the tracklists match with what I saw (excluding the bonus tracks).

Bonus Beats 50 Cent ft. Eminem "Psycho" [via TeamSupreme]
Bonus Beats 50 Cent "So Disrecpectful" [via 2dopeboyz]

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