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Lefty & DJ Concept Gangland Vol. 4 (American Nightmare)

Lefty and Concept link up for the fourth edition of the American Nightmare series, this time coming around Halloween. Drop this with the lights turned low...



1.There Is No Danger Intro
2. 2minus1=12, 5, 6, 20
3. Zoner
4. Self Discovery Interlude
5. Lefty Speaks
6. Big Noise Remix
7. Bada Bing feat. Scarub of Living Legends
8. Rakka Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) visits Gangland
9. Yessir
10. Misery
11. Sean Price & Kimbo Price arrive
12. Homicidal Recital
13. Head Medicine feat. Verbal Kent, Very, Tab One of Kooley High
14. Under Nuclear Attack Interlude
15. Dance with the Devil
16. Piseas steps in / Get Acquainted With The A-Bomb Interlude
17. Permanent Midnight Remix
18. Awful Gas Outro

And here's the video for the "Big Noise" remix:


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