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Good Biz ft. Brother J "Nowhere"

Good Biz ft. Brother J "Nowhere" (prod. by The ARE): When I interviewed Bobbie Fine back in April, he spoke about his new group, Good Biz, who were working on their album. Quay Devon, KP and B. Fine connect live Voltron, and over this neck-snappin' crack from The ARE, and a fresh 16 from the X-Clan's own Brother J, this is one you can't miss.

Bobbie just hit me back and let me know that anyone in the Portland area should hit up their show at the Adidas store downtown Portland on November 5th; they are also working on a mixtape to set up their Sound Investment album (which drops 1Q 2010) called The Bermuda Triangle that will be featuring talent from Houston, Portland and New Jersey, featuring artists from all three areas. I'll hit you with info on THAT when I get it. Until then, peep "Nowhere" and this bonus cut featuring the god YZ, which pays homage to The Originals (see how everything ties in together)!

Bonus Beats Good Biz ft. YZ "Mr. Original" (prod. by The ARE)

And don't forget: Blaque Spurm's Spurmicidal Tendencies and The Funk Family's Everything'll Befyne (produced by the late Tony D) are available NOW!

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