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Jinesis Bonkers Vol. 1

Nothing like a good beat tape for fake Fall, nahmean? Jinesis hit me with this compilation earlier today, and I'm just going through it. The intro is worth the price of admission, and dude follows it up with some crunchy treats in the form of instrumental beats. Whether he's flippin' classic J5 ("O") or rocking some gritty sounds in "Man Enuff", dude has this beat game sewn.



1. Master Jin (intro).
2. Jewel.
3. O.
4. Sick Of You (skit).
5. La Ghostface.
6. What Went Wrong feat. Ncakes.
7. Man Enuff.
8. Clear Minds.
9. Love The Ladies (skit).
10. The Light.
11. Hip Hop (skit).
12. Boom Bap.
13. Madden 2008 (skit) feat. big boy.
14. The Green Mile.
15. Do you (skit) feat. Scharelle.
16. Do You.
17. Change feat. Jeni Fujita.
18. We Miss You.

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