Tricky vs. The Gravediggaz " Psychosis"

Tricky vs. The Gravediggaz "Psychosis": You wanna talk scary Hip-Hop? Look no further than The Hell EP, the soundclash between Tricky and the Gravediggaz. While many might remember "Hell Is Round The Corner" from its single days, or "Tonite Is A Special Nite", (the other B-side) which was on one of The Crow soundtracks, this one was truly frightening. You've got that slow rumble of found sounds that they called a beat (but sounded more like a dubbed-out death march), paired with Tricky's paranoia and Poetic's esoteric excellence? You are truly not ready for shit like this. You want to scare those snot-nosed kids coming to get their candy? Make 'em earn it - blast this out of a speaker in your porch while they wait for your arrival.

Falling... slowly falling... Jesus Christ.

Bonus Beats Tricky "Ambient Pumpkin"
Bonus Beats Tricky "Aftermath (I Could Be Looking For People Remix)"

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Tricky,tricky yaknowwhatimean....