PreZZure "Exhibit Me"

PreZZure "Exhibit Me":Why yes, this is definitely PreZZure adding his furious styles over Jay Electronica's "Exhibit C". That Just Blaze instrumental is too tough to let only one nigga rap on, although I think some of my peers will only tolerate a certain kind of nigga going in. By the power of the Internets, I got this pretty fresh out the oven, literally about an hour ago, and now it's yours. And for the six minutes PreZZ goes in on, this might be my favorite line:

"I love my older brother but my songs ain't on his radar". Too tough.

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One Response to “PreZZure "Exhibit Me"”

Dengsta said...

yo this Freestyle was ill!!!
PreZZure killed it!!

My name is Deng send more my way lol