Wednesday, August 04, 2010

MC Pig Pen & Pat Maine "Old Hands"

Pig Pen & Pat Maine rep hard, and do a lot of touring - hell, check out their upcoming schedule for August and September:

Great Escape Tour - Summer 2010

-Aug 6 2010 9:30pm Paparazzie Albuquerque, NM w/SAPIENT of Sand People
-Aug 7 2010 9:30P
M Boomers Las Vegas, NV, w/SAPIENT of Sand People

-Aug 13 2010 9:00PM 
Sauced Oklahoma City, OK

-Aug 14 2010 9:00PM 
LLywelyns Pub St Louis, Missouri

-Aug 16 2010 9:00P
M Pedicab Bar and Grill San Antonio, Texas

-Aug 17 2010 9:00PM 

-Aug 20 2010 9:30PM 
The Hideout Omaha, Nebraska

-Aug 21 2010 9:30PM 
Norms Superior, WI

-Aug 25 2010 10:00P
M Miramar Theatre Milwaukee, WI

-Aug 25 2010 10:00P
M Miramar Theatre Milwaukee, WI

-Aug 26 2010 9:30PM 
The House Cafe Dekalb, IL

-Sep 2 2010 9:30pm
 The Six Lounge Mount Pleasant, MI
-Sep 3 2010 10pm
 The Perfect Pitcher Taylor, MI

-Sep 5 2010 10pm Dubland Underground, Rochester, NY

If you dig this track, dload it then go check out one of their shows!