XLR8R Podcast 154: SWTBRDS



01 Intro
02 DaVinci "All I Have"
03 Adrian Champion "Ante Up Every Way"
04 StreetMedia "Distinguished Gentlemen"
05 DaVinci "Real Ni**az"
06 Adrian Champion "Fucking Apples"
07 Ammbush "Underground"
08 DaVinci "Whiplash"
09 Adrian Champion "One More Corner"
10 StreetMedia "Lift The People (feat. Raphael Saadiq)"
11 DaVinci "Ben"
12 Ammbush "Jackmove (feat. Canibus)"
13 StreetMedia "Paperchasin"
14 StreetMedia "This Boy"
15 DaVinci "Hustler's Theme"
16 PSD Tha Drivah "Thizzlamic (feat. Mac Mall)"
17 Adrian Champion "Got Yourself a Cannon"
18 DaVinci "Guys Wanna"
19 Mistah F.A.B. "Change A Lil"
20 Moe Green "Comfort Zone"
21 Wise Intelligent "Intelligent Wise"
22 StreetMedia "Push"

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