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#SZNSLT Tore Down The Rub Over the Weekend; Here's Proof

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While I've known that 2 Dope Boy Meka has been on his DJ grizzly for years, and that Donwill has also been getting his weight up as a selector, I had no idea that the two of them formed like Voltron to become SZN SLT. They must be worth their weight in external hard drives, as they got called on to perform at The Rub this past Saturday.

Their three-hour(!) set has been gifted to the internet, and it's a tour-de-force in their record bins (or whatever we're calling them these days). Mek says they "played music, yelled at the crowd, messed up a few times, and rocked out," featuring everything from Big Sean to Amerie.

If you're home, grilling meats (or vegan options) for the massive in your area, throw this mix on and vibe out.

Jubilee Blessed the World With Fourth 'Magic City' Compilation

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Is it really Memorial Day Weekend without some bangers to soundtrack your functions? Of course not, which is why we're loving Jubilee returning with the fourth installment of her Magic City compilation series.

Jubilee's been on a tear, from touring the United States earlier this year to embarking on a BBC Radio 1 Residency series. She stays working, and curated out this dope, 14-track compilation of electronic excellence. While one of my current favorites from this release is Star Eyes' "Ice Palace (Floor Drugs)," we're getting freestyle-freaking cuts from Ques?onmarc alongside material from Martyn Bootyspoon, AceMo, Black Noi$e, and many more.

You can stream and download the full project below.

Patrol The Skies Keeps the Stateside Alive With 'Them Vibes, Vol. 1'

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If you know me and my love of drum & bass, you also know that I've always represented for the dnb scene here in the States. It didn't originate here, but I've always felt like the producers, labels, and scenes over here have been dealt a bad hand, at times in the grand scheme of things. The Patrol The Skies camp has been showcasing what's good over here, as have producers like Pish Posh, and it's dope to see that they've come together for a new compilations series, Them Vibes, to properly display what the United States are doing, drum & bass-wise.

At 16-tracks, this release spans the sounds of the scene. Pish Posh steps up for a few choice selections— "Set Apart," with DFly, is a rough, in-your-face banger, while "Every Way" is a bit more uplifting and anthemic. The critically-acclaimed Random Movement brings the soulful liquid vibes on his rework of Noisefloor's "My Heart," and this guy MK2 also has some floor-thumping soul cuts on the release as well. Also featured are Voorheez, Echo Brown ("Tunnel Vision" packs all of the bass), and more. You can check out snippets of the entire release below, dive into Pish Posh's promo mix up above, and cop the entire project via Beatport or Juno.

Kozee Soundtracks Your Summer With Her 'Cali Poolside' EP

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As of right now, I don't see myself hitting the Left Coast before the end of 2018, but with Kozee's Cali Poolside EP in rotation, I might not need to. On the low, Kozee's been on one, experimenting with a number of vibes and turning them into a unique stew all her own.

This EP blends the somber beauty of IDM melodies with back to the future drums and random snippets of sound, crafting some truly tech'd up poolside ditties. The first part of "Cali Poolside" highlights that sound swimmingly, and is perfect for the daytime, but if you want my fav, flip to part 2, which is more for the slow-and-low bae2bae nighttime zone.

Kozee's onto something; say you were on it sooner than later. Grab both tracks via Bandcamp.

DJ Chap Drops Footwork-out 'Saint Elsewhere'

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Image via Alfred Englis

In the mood for some footwork on your Sunday afternoon? Take a trip to Saint Elsewhere, courtesy of DJ Chap. This five-track EP feels like his first release in a minute, and is one to really soak into. Not too many people can take Tribe Called Quest interludes and turn them into fully-functioning tracks, but then again, not too many producers are Chap. There's something about the sample choices that he puts out there; cuts like "Speakers" put you in a dreamscape, while "300 Conejos" feels like a full-on journey to a gunfight. It's an intoxicating adventure that you can cop right now, via Bandcamp.

Venoumous2000 and Trilian Return to Say "I Ain't Particular"

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At the beginning of 2017, Jersey's own Venomous2000 linked with Serbia's Trilian for Sounds of the Great Ones. The response must have been phenomenal; we loved it, and it looks like they've completed up for a second volume, which they are currently accepting pre-orders for the vinyl version of. Featured on the project is everyone from Skrewtape to dead prez's Sticman, but they need the project to hit a certain number of pre-orders for the vinyl to drop, so do the wise thing.

The first single showcases the hip-hop alarm-call that their union truly is, accentuated by ginsu-sharp cuts from DJ TMB. It's one of those tracks you run to the recycling to grab cardboard boxes to backspin on. Something to pull out the fat caps and get your Krylon on. Tracks for the fat lace-wearing b-boys and girls in the area out there. Stream the track in full down below.

Boxed Gives Away Five Mixes In the First Volume of Their Mixtape Series

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Did you miss Boxed at Corsica Studios last night? I sure did, but it's OK. To celebrate their club night, they unleashed the first volume of their Mixtape series, featuring five stellar mixes for the new school grime lovers. At the top of the charts are mixes from Slackk and Grandmixxer, who are buy/download on sight for me. They also have mixes from Sir Hiss, Le Dom B2B De Grandi, and India Jordan. Turn these UP and, like, clean your house or something.