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Venoumous2000 and Trilian Return to Say "I Ain't Particular"

At the beginning of 2017, Jersey's own Venomous2000 linked with Serbia's Trilian for Sounds of the Great Ones. The response must have been phenomenal; we loved it, and it looks like they've completed up for a second volume, which they are currently accepting pre-orders for the vinyl version of. Featured on the project is everyone from Skrewtape to dead prez's Sticman, but they need the project to hit a certain number of pre-orders for the vinyl to drop, so do the wise thing.

The first single showcases the hip-hop alarm-call that their union truly is, accentuated by ginsu-sharp cuts from DJ TMB. It's one of those tracks you run to the recycling to grab cardboard boxes to backspin on. Something to pull out the fat caps and get your Krylon on. Tracks for the fat lace-wearing b-boys and girls in the area out there. Stream the track in full down below.


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