Kozee Soundtracks Your Summer With Her 'Cali Poolside' EP

As of right now, I don't see myself hitting the Left Coast before the end of 2018, but with Kozee's Cali Poolside EP in rotation, I might not need to. On the low, Kozee's been on one, experimenting with a number of vibes and turning them into a unique stew all her own.

This EP blends the somber beauty of IDM melodies with back to the future drums and random snippets of sound, crafting some truly tech'd up poolside ditties. The first part of "Cali Poolside" highlights that sound swimmingly, and is perfect for the daytime, but if you want my fav, flip to part 2, which is more for the slow-and-low bae2bae nighttime zone.

Kozee's onto something; say you were on it sooner than later. Grab both tracks via Bandcamp.


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