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#SZNSLT Tore Down The Rub Over the Weekend; Here's Proof

While I've known that 2 Dope Boy Meka has been on his DJ grizzly for years, and that Donwill has also been getting his weight up as a selector, I had no idea that the two of them formed like Voltron to become SZN SLT. They must be worth their weight in external hard drives, as they got called on to perform at The Rub this past Saturday.

Their three-hour(!) set has been gifted to the internet, and it's a tour-de-force in their record bins (or whatever we're calling them these days). Mek says they "played music, yelled at the crowd, messed up a few times, and rocked out," featuring everything from Big Sean to Amerie.

If you're home, grilling meats (or vegan options) for the massive in your area, throw this mix on and vibe out.


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