Lloyd Banks: On His New York Shit?

There have been a few recent interviews with Lloyd Banks on the cusp of the release of his new album, Rotten Apple, and he just sounds dumber and dumber. First off, am I supposed to believe that this "Death Wish" track he has aimed at D-Block and Fat Joe is NOT coming on that album? If 50 "molded" him and made him, why would he deviate from that? He says he would garner worldwide attention if he put that shit on his album --- and? I mean, you talk about 50 being on people's minds and his relevance in the game, but one big part of his campaign for The Massacre was the whole Ja/Joe/Jada angle -- the disses and shit. G-Unit was BUILT on conflict, why act like you gonna shy away from that now?

#2: nigga, you know that some bitch ganked your CD and you had to reorganize your gameplan. You might have had 60 cuts, but there wasn't even 20 on that joint, and all of the ones that got leaked were, what? Garbage. Also, if you think no one wants it with Lloyd, you're mistaken. I highly doubt you'd murk as many people on the mic as you think you would. I mean, Jada alone is a tough nut to crack, and this nigga went up against Beans! You're a cronie, homie... know your role.

#3: Why is it when Game came out, niggas was all riding for him, but now that he is out of the G-Unit, it's like "we was never homies"?? If you guys roll together, where was he? I just don't get it... first it's you guys saying that he had been around for a few years, and I mean y'all obviously worked on music together... how the fuck is it now like you were never down?

#4: Why is it that on XXL, you say that you are brining it back to NY (I am going to put up with that phrase for 1 more week, then I don't want to hear it ever again), but when you list your collabos, it's all 8Ball and Scarface? Why even do that?

#5: Where's Buck album at? He's the only nigga of true relevance on a national level, due to the South's surgence in the mainstream.

#6: With the numbers Mobb Deep are doing (boo hoo, I lost that one), having them on your album doesn't really mean shit does it? (Although I loved your verse on "Stole Somethin'")...

Basically, Lloyd, do this for me: don't speak. Just make your porn videos, and make that fire on the mixtapes. When you start to try and rationalize and explain the utter bullshit you and your crew come with, it does not work well... whatever happened to real gangsters moving in silence...?

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