OK so Nas is saying Hip-Hop Is Dead. Not a new boast at all, so we can leave that alone. Yet, the God MC does what for the album he is helming, due out this September? Nothing. You mean to tell me, in resurrecting Hip-Hop, you enlist the people who helped kill it? I mean, I can understand you want "bangers", but Timbaland and Scott Storch? And fucking!!?!?! I don't get why Nas needs to try and go pop again. Remember "Hate Me Now"? Diddy spitting out Cr*stal?? Yeah that helped you go NOWHERE. And this is on the heels of the leaking of "Where Y'All At", which is catching mixed reviews. I give it an 8 for lyrics alone; the beat is kind of sparse (Salaam Remi on the beat?), lacking almost. I still knock it though.

I saw all of that to say this: where is my NAPU (Nas And Premier United) album? You guys talked about it in that issue of Scratch Magazine... sheeeit, you graced the cover together! Don't fucking play with me. I mean hell, at least Primo is making some hot shit with Christina...

Nas, don't fuck this up man. You got a lot riding on this... if you fuck this up, it's going to be a WHILE before some fans let you come back inside. Truth be told, many of your hardcore fans don't want you in their kitchen now. These are "One Love" niggas. Don't shut the door on us. Please don't.


Anonymous said...

I can't deny my love for Nas as an artist, but i can definitely deny my love for his declining quality of albums. Certainly there have been some shining moments but I've found it to be far and few between tracks with lastability. It's odd to see an artist who I've held to such high regard put out questionable work. It's even weirder to me that the most enjoyment I've had out of his music has come from random bootleg comilations of b-sides, remixes and guest appearances. Usually thes serve as filler or icing on the cake however for Nas I've found his music with lastability to appear in the most random places. I cant say I'm too hopeful for the new album as his progression as an artist has taken a turn I cannot understand. However, I am curious if he can procure some shining moment's that will secure his legacy in my own mind.

khal said...

you said it all, my duke.