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DJ Food "The Breaks Of Wrath"

DJ Food "The Breaks Of Wrath": Let me tell you a story that's like a decade old: one of my favorite mix CDs (and possible one of the greatest compilations, ever) is ColdKrushCuts, a massive two-disc soundclash between DJ Krush, Coldcut & DJ Food, throwing the headphonephunk of the Ninja Tune back catalogue at that time into two well-spun discs (DJ Krush held one disc down solo, while Coldcut & DJ Food threw the 2nd disc together). On Disc 2, there's the random DJ Food track entitled "The Breaks Of Wrath" that plays for something like two minutes that has eluded me ever since I first heard it. It's nothing more than a simple bass tone progression thrown at a bevy of bombastic beats. Listening to this cut was the highest I got before my pre-ganja days. It's got everything I needed: moody bass, beats for days and nothing else. Now, I always assumed this cut was just a dubplate they made for the mix, but I kept a search for it in my Soulseek wishlist, and this afternoon, I found out that a lone compilation (Rumpus Rooms Volume 1), which came out in 1996 (or 1997?) has this entire track, untouched, as track one of their 2nd disc! Wow. 7 minutes of funk from the DJ Food foursome (Coldcut, PC and Strictly Kev). Early Christmas gifts, forreal.

What's sad about this, however, is that no one but me will care. Oh well.

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