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rock the dub presents Just Jeryl

My "Best of" 2008 series would hardly be complete without some Drum & Bass. One of the cats who I consider as a mentor is the one like Jeryl. He's helped me get my foot into the DnB journalism (hey, stop snickering!) door, and is probably one of THEE voices in terms of what's hot or not, whether you like it or not. So, asking him to hit me with a mix of his favorite cuts of 2008 is no nonsense - I know the quality is there. Now, instead of me blabbing on about him and this mix, let me just hit you with his words about each track...

01. Bjork - All Is Full of Love (Chris.SU Remix)

This isn't out yet, but it got sent to me in 2008 and it's literally one of the most beautiful tracks I've heard in a long time. Hungary's finest export since, um, whatever else the hell Hungary exports, slides in a smoothed out reese bass and subtle trance elements with Bjork's inimitable vocal stylings floating over the top. Stunning.

02. Break - Destiny Comes Ringing

Easily one of my favourite producers of the year, Break knows how to throw down proper dance floor destroying drum & bass that never delves into cheese. This piece on Commercial Suicide was a cornerstone of my sets from the moment I got my hands on a TP.

03. Chase & Status - Streetlife

These boys know a thing or two about diversity and this track from their debut album 'More Than Alot' is without doubt one of my favourites. Simple but highly effective, the bassline is deadly deep!

04. Alix Perez - Stray

I've loved Alix' tunes for a long time but something about 'Stray' grabbed me more than usual for some reason. Maybe it's the pure simplicity, the effortless class that seems to drizzle itself over the edges of this track. Who knows, or cares? Beautiful music.

05. Spectrasoul - Alibi

My boys Spectrasoul have been on fire for a good while now. 'Alibi' is easily their best tune in my opinion though, it's just got absolutely everything you could want, a touch of soul, nice production and some filthy bass. This one dropped on Kasra's Critical Music label earlier this year.

06. Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down

Oh lord! Easily the biggest drum & bass track of the year, played by everyone and their mother including daytime playlisting on Radio 1, this track is a fat slab of unashamed dancefloor goodness. Brimming with hefty beats and bass all topped with a slight sprinkling of cheese which is enough to get your mum bopping along to it while not turning your stomach in disgust.

07. Telemetrik & Black Sun Empire - Magnet

I nearly pissed my pants when I first heard this beauty. Released on Telemetrik's debut album 'My Lightyear', this one is absolutely disgusting and features more twists and turns than a labyrinth designed by Escher.

08. Break - Is This What You Want?

I wanted to add a track from Break's rather awesome album and this one instantly stood up and begged to be included. The bass on this one when it drops is just stupid, so incredibly heavy it's not even funny.

09. Unknown - Greater Love

I heard this track on one of Kasra's studio mixes ages and ages ago but it finally came out on a sneaky white label this year and it practically made me moist with excitement. Such a great little bootleg, now, if someone could just remind me what the original is, it's been doing my head in for weeks!

10. Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box (Sigma Remix)

Without doubt one of the finest updates of a track I've heard in a long time. When I first heard "Music Box remix..." and "Sigma" in the same sentence I was a little concerned as I'd only heard quite in your face dancefloor tracks from them, which is fine, but not what you want in a remix of a jungle classic. Thankfully they completely respected the original and worked out a tidy little rework that supposedly closes the book on the Full Cycle release schedule for good.

11. D.Kay - Wax'd (Remix)

My favourite Austrian steps up with a massive rework of 'Wax'd' for the Metalheadz Platinum Series album, and it doesn't disappoint. So many good tracks on that LP but this one overshadows them all for pure amen and LFO bassline fun. Dutty like Ken (that one's for you, XO).

12. Zero T ft. Steo - Walk Away

Literally made sex mess in my pants when I first heard it. The sampler to Zero T's incredibly Irish debut album 'Cheap Shots' released on CIA earlier this year, this one is all about that incredible vocal and warm, warm bass notes. Slick liquid business.


I only made this mix 12 tracks long for a few reasons, firstly because I'm marginally lazy, secondly because I thought it was rather neat that it represented a different track for each month of the year, but thirdly because there were so many other great tunes I just couldn't fit in for one reason or another, either they just didn't mix in key or the vibes were too different etc. So to finish things up I want to shout out to Apex and the Lifted Music crew, definitely wanted to slip something from them in, and Blame for 'Stay Forever', I didn't even include any of my Westbay releases so a big shout to Nathan and all the family. Can't wait to hear my favourite tunes of 2009!
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Those of you who don't know how to keep up with Jeryl, I'd suggest becoming a fan of him, and of the Westbay Music Group, which he runs with Atlantic Connection. If you want to learn more about Jeryl , check out this "anti-interview" a lot of us did with him earlier this year. Once again, my homegirl Uri did the awesome cover art; hit up her new blog to see more of her sick designs, and get info on how to request her services. Enjoy!


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Jeryl is my homeboy.

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Just Jeryl makes me feel good about life.

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