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DZ "What You Won't Do For Love"

DZ "What You Won't Do For Love": I really tried. I wanted to cop this release on MP3, legally. Due to what it is, though, I believe its on a limited vinyl run, which makes sense. Its part of the duality of this shit, though. Back in the day, it used to be "if you can't get it, wait until you can"; with the 'Net, shit is just instant. I can normally wait for releases until I am given them or they are widely distributed. Other times, I have to be that faucet. I've been a fan of DZ for the last few years (and he has been on FIRE in 2008)... and that Bobby Caldwell original? Shit, I have the 7" at my mom's house somewhere. Such a classic, and one of my favorite tracks out there. Enjoy this.


DJ Cable said...

This is fucking crazy!

Anonymous said...

awesome track, thanks for uploading. KILLING IT!