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Lil' Wayne "Prom Queen"

Lil' Wayne "Prom Queen": So is The Rebirth going to be Weezy's 808's & Heartbreak, with guitars instead of 808 beats? This is pure bullshit, even for a Rock song. Why is it that Rap cats seem to listen to the WORST Rock there is out there?

Via Nah Right; as the tag says, this is a NMC exclusive.

EDIT Here's the tagless version, again from Nah Right. Had no idea that Tha Bizness produced this. With this and "My President", looks like their stock is going to rise, just of the buzz from the Internets. Tha Bizness, via Twitter, said they ain't produce "Prom Queen".

EDIT Link updated.

EDIT "Prom Queen" LIVE

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...


jon jon said...

Why is it that Rap cats seem to listen to the WORST Rock there is out there?....I often aske that question.

Unknown said...

y is that people think that these r trully rap artist.. there called pop artist cuz there main stream jon jon boy..

khal said...

that comment makes no sense, Elisha.

1) Pop is technically not a genre - Pop stands for popular, as in "this song is popular", that's why you can have a song be big on the Rap charts as well as big on the Pop charts.

2) Lil' Wayne will always be associated with Hip-Hop. This will be his 7th studio album, not to mention the various mixtapes he's done. It's his first forray into Rock - just because he did well in a crap year for the rap record industry, he isn't a fucking POP STAR.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that there will always be some haters out there? the rebirth is gonna be cold and Prom queen is that song and im gonna listen to that on prom night

Anonymous said...

look first of lil wayne has done what many people have only thought of doin. so what he wants to make a rock album. he has already topped the hip hop charts, so why not try to take over rock too. which ofcourse its not the rock we know. yet it will be a new branch just like punk and metal. so cudos to lil wayne for doing what others dont have the balls to do

khal said...

stop it. stop making it seem like lil wayne is doing something new and exciting. he's sounding like linkin park or limp bizkit. just he's a nigga who sips syrup doing it. be forreal. and its crap. i have no problem with anyone branching into other shit - just make it good. this aint poppin'.