Wesley Snipes... as James Brown?

Spike Lee has the rights to a James Brown biopic, and Wesley Snipes has been cast as Brown. Now, I don't doubt Wesley's ability, I've seen Blade and White Men Can't Jump, but dog, its fucking vampires and basketball! Can Snipes truly put on for James' legacy?

Someone out there has to be as leery about this as I am...


B-Double said...

Yeah, but you're overlooking two items: 1) he has experience in playing characters running from the authorities ("U.S. Marshals") and 2) He KNOWS what its like to get in trouble with the IRS.


Anonymous said...

What exactly qualifies Wesley for this honor? He is about to spend the next three years of his life in the state pen reenacting Jungle Fever with sweaty inmates, his last 5 films went straight to DVD, and he isn’t even going to be lending his singing voice to the movie! Was Bobby Brown not available?