Master 3 Light Up The Darkness

I've hipped you guys to a few of these tracks; now it's time for you to grab Master 3's Light Up The Darkness, "a concept album, loosely based on the events of I Am Legend".

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1. Bob Marley (Intro)
2. The Spark (Hand Of God) (Prod. by K2)
3. Soft & Hard Caress (Prod. by Ishaq Fahim)
4. This Is Love...
5. Heroin Heroine (Prod. by Ant of Atmosphere)
6. The Butterfly (Prod. by MasterMind)
7. The Day Before Tomorrow (Version C) (Prod. by R&S)
8. Hope (Prod. by R&S)
9. Break Away (Prod. by Ishaq Fahim & JayNel)
10. Not Of This World (Prod. by Shawn Kaylor)
11. Light Up The Darkness (Prod. by K2)
12. The Cure (Outro)

Here's the digital booklet; enjoy this one.

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