The Real DJs

Sundays on the 'Net seem to be connection days. I got a hit from the homey Mr. Holman on twitter, and after a few DMs, found out that he represents The Real DJs, along with Real PR. They handle weekly blasts to a solid group of DJs throughout the country, featuring the freshest songs and beats (making a DJs digging job a LOT easier), and also offer discounts on features, web design, street promo, mixing, mastering, duplication/replication, DJ services, filming, editing and a host of other services. Essentially, Real PR is a one-stop shop for you DJs who are trying to make a name for yourselves. I just got hit off with this week's blast, and I can attest - they are on their ish with the newness. Holman is a real dude, so make sure you subscribe to their Google Group if you're interested. Get in on it, and tell a friend!

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