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Junclassic "Angst" (preview)

Junclassic "Angst" (tagged): Here's another preview from the Offshore Drilling project I'm working on with Kid Hum. Hum himself has been a fan of this one ever since he grabbed it. This is the second track Jun contributed to the project, and both came out fresh. His delivery is so on point - truly one of my favorite MCs right now.

This is an unmastered, tagged up version. The full project will be coming in March, by hook or by crook! Keep it locked for more info.

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Anonymous said...

That is CRAZY!!
If that is a taste of what's to come, that is gonna be one awesome ass album!

Anonymous said...

The project's dope son....I wanna be in line for the joint...Word to "rock the dub".....good looking out on that twitter feed too, son...Hip Hop Advocate out