Black Spade vs Charles Hamilton

Happy Sunday. Woke up from a sinus med/Olde English induced coma to read an e-mail that was forwarded to me by a good homey. Looks like this year's SXSW has produced a claim of plagiarism on one of the Internets favorite artists, Charles Hamilton. I'd try and paraphrase it, but it makes more sense to just copy and paste, so here's the straight shoot from the mouth of Black Spade:

Yo! So this is the beat Charles Hamilton CLAIMS he created. In short, when I was in Austin to perform and check out SxSW, I caught his set. He performed one of his tracks, "Shinin'", which I thought was dope. However, come to find out the instrumental that he used for that track is a beat I produced a while back. After he was done performing, I let him know that I produced the beat and asked him where he got it from. In the back of my mind I know that the only place he really could have gotten it from was off my MySpace page. When I told him I produced the track and liked his lyrics, he still continued to say that HE produced the track with some dude....FALSE. He said he cleared the sample and that he is the one singing 'Shinin' in the background and also that his homeboy was playing the keys on the track.

Now mind you, the background 'Shinin' vocals that he claims he laid were not laid in the studio at all. I know this because I sampled them by singing directly into the MPC.

Basically, the Frankie Beverly & Maze sample at the beginning is from when I put the beat up on MySpace. The whole point of putting that part in the track was to show that I was about to produce, from that part, my own version of the sample. So, if you don't hear the Frankie Beverly & Maze sample in the MP3 I am sending you, that is why.

Sounds interesting, right? Now, do a side-by-side comparison of the tracks; first, Black Spade's "Shining":

And now, Charles Hamilton's "Shinin'":

Sounds a bit similar, right? Now, what say you - did Hamilton jack a beat?

EDIT Looks like C. Hamilton commented on this incident over on Fresh Selects. Black Spade, what say you?


FRESHselects said...


SMH @ the irony

Finanshall said...

sounds like bullshit to me
they don't sound similar to me, and no matter if Charles did steal it from Black Spade, who is CH and who is Black Spade ? no offence tho

khal said...

they don't sound similar?

FRESHselects said...

c'mon Finanshall,
do the blindfold taste Pepsi vs. Coke style w/ names removed
those beats are IDENTICAL

Bob said...

Its the same fuckin beat dude.

Finanshalll has never chopped up or layered drums in his life, obviously.


Anonymous said...

the beat is blatantly stolen and also includeds Black Spades vocals on the hook,@ Charles claim the singing portion was Frankie Beverly and Maze which it isn't because B.Spade is known to replay most of his samples if possible to make it easy for clearance, thats Black Spade your hearing singing in the background, even tho Charles claims he used a vocalizer why the hell does it sound exactly like Black Spades voice if it isn't stolen..

Anonymous said...

CH is busted!