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RTD Presents The Magic Number

I told you guys yesterday I was going to drop a compilation on you, and here it is. Putting this together was fun, and I tried to showcase what I feel to be true "rock the dub" type tracks, which are both new to you (and me), as well as tracks that I've featured over the last three years. 21 cuts in total, 24 including the intro/interlude/outro... and all for you. ENJOY!



01/Intro MF Doom instrumentals X 911 calls regarding chicken nuggets = golden!
02/The Paxtons "4321" The Paxtons hit me with this yesterday, and I get geeked over heads who flip samples in interesting ways. Definitely my jam of the week.
03/Whygee ft. DJ brikAbrak "Henny Hendrix" (prod. by 184 Productions) You should already be up on Whygee; he had no home for this, so I was more than happy to oblige in putting this one on this compilation. Dude has even more coming through RTD - keep it locked!
04/F.A.M.E. "The Update" (prod. by D Hype & P) I had this one sitting around, waiting for a NJ Hip-Hop-specific compilation that I still want to do. Had to let it loose, though - dude is ill on the mic.
05/Big S.I.N "Good Girl Gone Bad" Here's the single from S.I.N's forthcoming Mad Man Music album. He needs a woman who's strong like Rosa Parks. Holla.
06/Cy Yung ft. Sharp "Retropolitan" (prod. by J-Rell) I was going through a grip of tracks Cy hit me with, for a compilation that's forthcoming on RTD, and this one stood out to me IMMEDIATELY. That beat has that knock.
07/Sean Wyze "L.A." (prod. by Jansport J) This has been my joint since I dropped it, and I never been off the East Coast. Good Saturday morning wake-up track.
08/Burt Fox & El Juba "The Jungle" You should remember this from disc 2 of The Lighthouse Project; one of my favorite joints from last year, had to bring it back.
09/MAGr "Buttafly" (prod. by Hudson Mohawke) Just had a nice feel, going out of "The Jungle" into this. MAGr should be on the tips of everyone's lips this year...
10/J. Steele "WARNING!" I got sent this last night; shouts to Camden, NJ's Urban Hill crew. This just has a hype feel to it. I hope to bring you more of their cuts in the future.
11/SuperJail "?" This has not left rotation for a bit. True RTD stylie.
13/8thW1 "Sound Quality Convo" (prod. by Mentplus) Dude's a dope artist, and I'm not saying that b/c he shouted me out. But that helps.
14/Elucid "Automatic Writing" (prod. by AEON) Still my favorite joint off Police & Thieves; Elucid has some fire waiting in the wings for you niggas. Trust we.
15/City Slickers "Hurry Up & Wait" (prod. by NellyProTools & Capital J) Another joint I just got today; I believe I've been passed a few joints from these guys - really impressed with their tracks. Keep an eye peeled for them. Shouts to G Valentino.
16/Youngs ft. Light "Brand New Bag" (prod. by Jansport J) J hit me with this last night; been sitting on this one for no good reason. I have a remix he did coming soon... will probably drop it later this week.
17/Master 3 "Never Come Down" 3 has been an interesting cat; if you slept on his last project, go get a late pass. He's got the gift - love to see where he goes with it.
18/A.G. "Where I'm From" I only knew of A.G. from her appearance on Barak Yalad's album; her family hit me up about her unfortunate passing, and sent me a batch of tracks. Here she is speaking about her life to the classic Jay-Z banger.
19/The Rapture "Must Be (Feenin')" I posted Hellz Yea! rippin' "Must Be Love" last week, and now here's The (Muthafuckin') Rapture's massacre. I love how he flipped the idea. Keep it locked for more from him, as well!
20/Sugar Tongue Slim "Next Levels Freestyle" Definitely the first time RTD was shouted out on a record. And over some DOOM? Who could ask for anything more... DEMAND IT!
21/Articulate "B-Town" Artic went in over this fire Bmore cut to expound on his city. I hope to do some project(s) with him before the year is out.
22/Rukus "Kill A Man" Dude loved Manic's "Killers Theme '08" so much, he decided to turn it over on its ear, and figure out WHY a man should be killed. Loved the execution!
23/Lil' Jon ft. Ying Yang Twins "Get Low (Nappy's J Dilla Blend)" One of those many remixes Nappy did that I'm sitting on. I could see this one causing a ruckus (no pun intended) in a dancehall. Fire material.

So there's the long and short of it. Shouts to all of the readers who send me e-mails, hit me on twitter, post my links and just continue to check the site and support what I'm doing. Big up to all of the MCs, producers, DJs, label heads and A&Rs who hit me with new material on the regular - keep it up. Shouts to wifey and the kids for putting up with me branding everything with RTD. Shouts to my friends like Enigmatik, Andrew FSD, Dallas Penn, Rafi and others - cats who've built with me, joked with me and helped me flesh out my craft. Its very much appreciated.

Let's have a good day - and enjoy this compilation!

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G. Valentino Ball said...

Thanks for the love brother. I owe you a JoJo's trash can when I come through Trenton.

Just so you know that track was produced by Nelly ProTools & one of the cats in the group Capitol J

I will be rocking this comp HEAVY