RTD Turning 3

Tomorrow, rock the dub turns 3 years old. It's been a crazy 3 years - I've gotten opportunities to do things (podcasts I neglect, digital labels, etc.), made a slew of friends, be they peers in the blogging world, heads who just feel the same way or artists who I admire. I figure I should give back, but I'm going to keep it kind of lowkey, so I'll be doing some kind of compilation tonight. I'll be including tracks that reference my blog (all 2, 3 of them), tracks I've dug from people I consider "Rock The Dub All-Stars", and some unreleased/exclusives (a few, maybe).

Any MCs/producers who want to hook me up with some tracks, get at me ASAP. Send an e-mail to khaldub@gmail.com with a link or just attach the file. I'm game. I'll let you know if I'll include it or not.

Speak soon!

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Kid Hum said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Great blog man, i've been checking up on it almost every day for the past year.