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Lyle Horowitz Who Are We?

I hadn't heard of Lyle Horowitz until earlier today, but when I got the e-mail on his Who Are We? instrumental album, I got intrigued. It contains samples from The Twilight Zone, which is one of the illest programs on TV, ever. The other interesting thing about Horowitz is that Dash Snow, who passed away recently, did the cover art for all three of his albums. Sacer passed during the making of this project, and this will be the last project of Lyle's using Snow's polaroid photography. This was due to drop around Halloween time, but due to a short flick he has coming, Horowitz dropped it now.



001. Next Stop (Intro)
002. The Fear
003. The After-Hours
004. The Jungle
005. Commercial Break
006. Time Enough At Last
007. Nervous Man In A Four-Dollar Room
008. A Stop At Willoughby
009. Who Are We (Interlude)
010. The Howling Man
011. Come Wander With Me *
012. The Obsolete Man (Outro)

* = produced by Supreme, co-produced by Lyle Horowitz

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Anonymous said...

Yo man I just took a listen and all I gotta say is DOPEEE