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Drake "Forever (Steve Aoki Remix)"

Drake ft. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne & Eminem "Forever (Steve Aoki Remix)": OK so let me get this straight - we're gonna take one of the most talked about posse cuts of the year, and make a Club anthem out of it. What do we do... let's speed up the vocals to an oddly-awful pitch! Let's then chop the 16s from 'Ye and Weezy in half. Sounds good so far. Let's THEN sloooow down the beat (and his vocals) when Eminem's verse comes up, obviously to contrast how FAST he rhymed in the original! Clever!

Truth be told, the only thing that sounds good on the beat is the "want this shit forever man ever man ever man" loop over it. Is there a DnB remix coming soon?

Via October's Very Own.

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Anonymous said...

It's not club friendly, don't get me wrong. Steve Aoki is sick with it, but unfortunately as much as we want to remix some of those top hip-hop songs, we can't cause it doesn't sound right. Nice try, but if I played this at a club I'd get a 300 count death stare. Hopefully Steve will re-dub it, and try to make it more club friendly. If not who's next to try.