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Rollin' Rockers BANGBANG! EP

Here's a free download that I'm just getting hype on. Rollin' Rockers, aka Phillipdrummond, Lush One & Plex Rock, are on some shit. My homey Perpetuum put me onto this outfit, as he has been doing a lot of engineering for their album project. He was the man to put me onto the new school battle MCs, and the fact that niggas is really flippin' the script on the idea of battle rappers not being able to put together songs.

Their BANGBANG! EP (well, the 5 song demo) was put up for free in December '09, but you need to get involved. It's different from what heads might normally be accustomed to with these guys, and from what I'm hearing with the new mixes, this shit has much more appeal than to the Jansport sect. Trust we. I'll keep you guys posted when I get the go ahead to give you more.

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