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Save VH1 Soul

I won't even start on the odd coincidence of this VH1 Soul scare going down during Black History Month. I do watch VH1 Soul on the regular, mainly for their Soul Story blocks, and just classic videos in general, and while the lack of diverse promos (they've had the same like 3 or 4 interludes for the last, oh, 3 or 4 years), I will definitely be upset if it leaves. If you get VH1 Soul and don't want to see it go, sign the petition. Their goal is 500 signatures, and they only need less than100 more signatures - get on it!

Because of the Merger with Centric (BET/MTV), you will lose all the quality video programming that you currently receive with VH1Soul. We know you want your Quality Soul Music, and we are going to everything we can to keep it on air for you. Please Help Us... follow @SaveVH1Soul on twitter, and stay close to http://musicnerdery.wordpress.com/ for updates as to whats going on.

Thank you for your time and efforts!
While I'm not sure why the Centric merger (which has been in the plans for a year) would mean VH1 Soul would be gone (meaning I can't find any stories on this), I don't wanna fuck around. If VH1 Soul is being folded into Centric, they could still retain the video library, and just build other programming (documentaries, movies, etc.) around that. Or they could cease to play classic Soul & Hip-Hop.

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