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Rusko ft. Gucci Mane "Got Da Groove"

Rusko ft. Gucci Mane "Got Da Groove": Mainly posting this because I have questions: why has this song, taken from Rusko's OMG, not been blown up more? These are two blog darlings... have niggas been jammin' to this while I been sleepin'? Also, are these new Gucci lyrics? I don't hate myself enough to listen to a Gucci Mane album. I'm confused, and I'm jammin' out.


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Anonymous said...

Ya man im a huge dubstep fan in the U.S and all my friends hate on dubstep bc it doesnt have lyrics, but obviously gucci supports it, and snoop dogg did a song for chase and status. I dont understand why more americans dont like dubstep. Half the people I know like rap for the beats, and dubstep is straight sic beats. I am wondering the same thing if he just sampled gucci or if gucci actually dropped a verse for him. For any one who knows please post