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Seven Day Concepts EP Cover+Tracklist

This project from J Listed is set to drop on May 25th, featured co-production from Lucid as well as the one like Versis. Hit the jump for Listed's info on the project, as well as the tracklist.

1. Concepts(Introlude)
2. Understand It(ft. Hilsyde)
3. Wakin’ Up
4. 2Fast
5. Bounce(ft. Versis)
6. Players
7. I Am
8. Oh Yeah

All tracks produced by J Listed except track 3 produced by Lucid and tracks 2, 5, 6 and 7 co-produced by Versis. This album was recorded and mixed by Listed @ Seven Day Studios.

Concepts consists of tracks we’ve done as long as a year back. I was going to put some of these tracks on our upcoming LP “Dusk Till Dawn“ but last minute we came up with the idea for this EP Concepts and I thought I Am, Players, and Understand It would be a good fit for it. Versis held me down with basslines and input on production on the majority of this record. Album artwork by Black Marmalade. Seven Day “Concepts“ dropping May 25th.

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