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Lyle Horowitz The Metamorphosis

Lyle Horowitz has been working in a real studio over the last 8 months, and felt the need to purge the remainder of his Fruity Loops-era productions, which he deems "a collection of sketches, experiments, loops and unreleased material". He's left a lot of the beats open, so any MCs worth their weight in mustard and itching to hop on one of these, go in, then e-mail your creation to 5846films@gmail.com. Word is that Lyle's next album, Night Creatures, is due out August 30th, is co-produced by MidPoint and is said to feature a lead single with Elucid! Put a pin in that, we'll come back - but for now, hit the jump for The Metamorphosis.

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz The Metamorphosis


01. The Metamorphosis
02. Transformations
03. Beauty In The Subconcious
04. Soft Exclamations
05. Come Wander With Me (Reprise)
06. Awakened From Unsettling Dreams
07. Unconciously Communicating
08. Selfish
09. Please Hold...
10. Was He A Beast If Music Could Move Him So?

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