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Beville Kemoth3rapy

Well damn. Outrageous Ashley hit me up about this cat Beville earlier today, and I must say, I'm glad we had a few random tweets about work and Jersey Shore earlier today. Like most of the Hip-Hop that's surprising me in 2010, Beville is like 19. If I had the means/juice, I'd put him together with like 3 or 4 cats his age, from around the nation, and make a posse cut... the youth is where its at right now! Anyways, No one making original tracks on this tape is allowed to buy beer in America legally, with some niggas being like 16, but you wouldn't know it. South Florida rhyming over some really fly beats - check how Johnny Ciphe flips that classic sample on "Time Machine". This isn't something to get hype to, though. Like, if you've got a bus or train ride to go on, do this: crack you favorite tobacco cigar open, load in whatever strain that gets you elevated, fire up that monster to the face, then go on your bus/train ride, and let this mixtape play front to back. Then avoid whatever destination you were planning on hitting and relisten to this. It's that good. Or maybe I'm bugging. But I don't bug over dope music - I bug over tomfoolery/fuckwadery... sorry, I'm derailing. Hit up Outrageous Ash's site and thank her for putting niggas onto this.

DOWNLOAD Beville Kemoth3rapy
<a href="http://beville.bandcamp.com/album/kemoth3rapy">Fight For the Dream (Prod. by Jus) by Beville</a>

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Owens, Drake. said...

Thanks for your support. Bev is the illest rapper coming out of SF, check him out, updates frequently. beville.bandcamp.com

_Drake O._