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Hollywood Floss presents Xperiments! Vol. 2 (Fightclub)

While the first time I ever covered Hollywood Floss was for BGDB, the first time I featured him on RTD was for The Xperiment Vol. 1, where he took a group of tracks and had the good folks at hailmegatron and TheHipHopEffect and allowed them to construct their own playlists and track titles, and gave these out free to the people. Behind the scenes, Floss said when Vol. 2 drops, RTD would be in on the fun, and it looks like Kevin Nottingham has joined in with returning blogs hailmegatron and TheHipHopEffect, so now you've got one project seen four different ways. Megatron's flipped his with an Inception point of view, and in a total coincidence, my version is all Fight Club. It actually started backwards - I called the last track "Demonfight" based off of lines in the first verse, and started playing with other kinds of fights, based on the topics dealt with at hand. Sonically, it's a nice ride - flowing from original tracks to beats flippin' classic samples - and ranges from an array of themes. Floss is a talented MC, and is getting a LOT of press since I've first posted his material, so I'm glad to see he's still reaching back and giving the people some quality material in a different way.

DOWNLOAD Hollywood Floss presents Xperiments! Vol. 2 (Fightclub)


weworemasks said...


one more version for y'all to eff with.

Ben said...

Nice! Definitely enjoyed this project and looks like you guys made a nice playlist too. Just wanted to post the link for Da-what.com's version so yall could check it out, we got some different stuff on there:

and here is an interview that we recently conducted with Floss if yall are interested:

Keep it up Floss! House of Dreams is still getting spins but XP2 will find its way into the rotation as well

Amber Lacy said...

Nice Selection!!!
Here's Greedmont Park's version: